At 48 years of age Rina Anderson has found late success as a romance  novelist but has no time for love in her own life. Being the single parent of a 17 year old daughter and having a mother living with them both, along with the day to day activities of all combined means a measure of loneliness that is somewhat mitigated by her success.   The opening of the book finds her dressed to kill waiting for a lift at a five star hotel in Melbourne. The doors open and she sees an old flame, Dean, who had been the love of her life some 12-13 years previously. They reunite with steamy volatile sex in the lift and then end up in his hotel room where they spend the night reminiscing in-between hot sessions of sex.   Because of their past and the experiences at the hands of her ex boyfriend nearly 3 years previously, Rina decides to sneak out of Dean’s room leaving a note asking him not to look for her.   Dean Carlton (50 years old) is an ex Victorian Police officer (Special Operations Group & Air Marshal), who has turned PI, running a business in conjunction with his brother John. His attempts to quietly find Rina meet without success. He is then asked several weeks later to be bodyguard to a well known Australian author who he hopes will help him find Rina. Little does he know… 

Psychotic fans and midair chemical attacks threaten our intrepid lovers. Will they overcome these incidents, their past and face a rosy future? Will events tear them apart? Read Indefinite Secondment to find out. Be warned though  – if you don’t like your sex scenes very raunchy and explicit you might want to steer clear – but if you like the idea of a decent aphrodisiac – read on….I’ve been told this book works wonders for the libido – and men especially seem to respond (if you know what I mean!)

Karin Witnish is the author of Indefinite Secondment. An ex cop, Karin is in her late 40’s and is a single Mum to an obstinate but spectacular teenage girl. Karin always wanted to write and has finally found the courage to follow her passions. Along with a full time job, enjoying fine wines (red or white), exercising to music, TV and copious time in front of her PC either reading, writing or researching, she finds that writing about romance is all she has time for. One day she hopes a real Dean Carlton will come along. Til then she’s happy to dream about George Clooney…
Karin has also created a website called: - please visit and you can download her eBook that will provide some emotional healing tools to overcome heartache.

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